Not just a box of some of our favourite snacks, there is so much more to The RealKind Snacks range that meets the eye! Let’s get stuck in!

We believe that everyone loves a good snack and where you can incorporate foods you enjoy, while being nutritionally beneficial and providing the body with much needed fuel, can play a major role in sustaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. While all the products in our boxes are Irish, support local producers, convenient and tasty, they also pack a nutritional punch and are full of goodness. Suitable for lunch time bites, a pre workout fuel up or enjoyed with family as part of a Friday evening get together, The RealKind Snacks range can complement nutritional needs in many settings.


Protein is necessary for muscle growth and repair, but it is also what helps us feeling fuller for longer.  It is believed that that people should get 10% – 35% of their calories each day from protein. A typical snack box from our range can contain up to 98g of Protein. The three highest contributors in our boxes for Protein are:

  1. All Real - Protein Bars (20g)
  2. The Irish Biltong Company – Chilli Beef (20.7g)
  3. Acti Snack – Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar Crunch (8g)

So, it is no coincidence that some of the highest quality sources of protein are:

  1. Dairy Products – Milk Protein in All Real ü
  2. Lean Beef – Chilli Beef ü
  3. Nuts – Acti Snack ü

Why is protein so important and what are some of its functions:

  1. Build – A key building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin.
  2. Repair Tissue
  3. Oxygenate – Red blood cells encompass a protein compound that transports oxygen right through the body. Supports the body with the nutrients it requires.
  4. Digest – Around 50% the dietary protein that is consumed daily goes is used in the creation of enzymes, which assists in digesting food and producing new cells and body chemicals.


An intricate and regularly large group of carbohydrates that are found in all kinds of plant based foods is known as Fibre. The approximate recommended daily dose of fibre is in around 30g per day. It can be difficult to meet some of daily recommended amounts of nutrients required as part of our diets. However, with our range of snack boxes, we can aid you in hitting the daily recommended amounts. Some Energy Balls with your 10AM coffee, a handful of Broad Beans & Peas on your way home from work or diving into a packet of dried mango slices when you’re feeling like something sweet can add up to about 15g of fibre to daily needs. Fibre aids in keeping your digestive system working as it should and can help us feel fuller for longer. Some common sources of fibre include:

  1. Peas, Beans & Lentils – Blendi ü
  2. Dried Fruits – Forest Feast ü
  3. Nuts & Seeds – Acti Snack ü
  4. Dark Chocolate – Dr. Coys ü
  5. Almonds – All Real ü


While many people may not have heard about Kombucha, it is believed to have been around for centuries having originated from the Middle East. This unique drink has come to prominence in Ireland over the past number of years in line with fermented foods rising in popularity and an ever-growing curiosity into gut health. Brewing Kombucha requires only four ingredients: tea, sugar, water and a SCOBY. A SCOBY stands for a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeasts. The fermentation process takes part in a single jar and can take from a couple of days up to several weeks to be completed. The time taken is dependent on the taste required. There may only be three ingredients but as we have found out from Dr. Kom Premium Kombucha, it has taken some time to perfect its unique and refreshing flavour.

So what are the supposed health benefits of Kombucha you may ask?

  1. Source of Probiotics – Fermented foods are comprised of micro-organisms and as kombucha is the result of fermenting the above ingredients , a number of probiotic bacteria are created. It is believed that at particular concentrations, probiotic bacteria can aid in balancing the gut microbiome and better digestion.
  2. Contains Vitamins & Minerals – It is believed that Kombucha contains small amounts of vitamins & minerals which are produced when the yeast breaks down the sugars, including Vitamin C and B Vitamins – B1, B6 and B12.

Kombucha is also a great alternative to conventional fizzy drinks with its refreshing taste, flavours that explode on the palette along with only 2.4g of sugar per 100ml. Pomegranate Cardamom, how good does that sound!


The carbohydrates we consume supplies the body with energy. The body breaks carbohydrates down into glucose, which is the main energy resource for the muscles & brain. Our range of snack boxes contain some great variations of carbohydrates from the delicious nutritional chocolate from Dr. Coys along with the added benefit of Vitamin E, the succulent mango from Forest Feast and tasty energy balls from Good4U. Beans & Chickpeas also act as excellent sources of slowly digested carbohydrates and with the likes of Blendi’s Broad Beans & Pea’s, you can rest assured you are adding to fibre requirements along with carbohydrates.

Juice Shots

The inclusion of Ginger & Turmeric shots gives our box an extra boost while at the same time tasting great. Ginger has been highly regarded throughout the years and possesses many anti-inflammatory complexes, including an array of antioxidants. It is believed that supplementing our bodies with ginger can help enhance the movement of food through the stomach.

Like Ginger, Turmeric also boasts strong anti-inflammatory effects and is regarded as a very powerful antioxidant with curcumin being the main ingredient.


So while the box in itself contains some tasty tasty snacks, it also includes products that are ideal for today’s world whether that’s working long hours, mountaineering or just being able to enjoy with family and friends while also providing people with some of the nutrients they genuinely need.


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