5 Benefits of Mindful Snacking

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Covid-19 has given an exponential rise in healthy eating practices. With this, the demand for healthy snacking also increased globally. 

In fact, according to a recent Mintel report 2019 on Consumer Snacking Habits in Ireland, 58% of Irish consumers are snacking twice or three times a day. Irish people have started to explorevarious healthy snacking options that can keep them full as well satisfying their tastes!

With the new ‘Work from Home’ model, continuous munching and crunching has become a routine activity for everyone.

A box full of tasty & innovative healthy snacks can tie in quite well with the new working model. 

There are many other associated benefits of mindful snacking which include: 


1. Mindful Snacking Can Help Beat Cravings

Snacking often during the day can help you feel fuller for longer. Including the likes orange energy balls and almond vanilla protein bars can be good alternative to highly processed foods. It prevents you from overeating at your main meals, thus saving some calorie intake. Eating mid-day snacks after every few hours can also increase your metabolism. Snacking can also regulate your blood sugar levels so you don’t experience spikes of insulin. 

2. Snacking Can Boost Concentration 

While your brain gets tired after continuously sitting in front of your laptop, snacking often can help you concentrate more. To prevent your eyes from shutting during a lazy afternoon, snacking can help fuel both your body and brain. But, you ought to be munching only healthy snacks to avoid gaining extra weight.  When you make healthy selections, a snack also gives your brain the nutrients it needs to work its best and helps you to think clearly.

3. Healthy Snacking and Mood Changers

When you eat nutrient-poor and sugary snacks, they give you temporary quick energy. It is followed by an increased hunger that can leave you hungry, sleepy, and unable to concentrate.

Healthy snacks, on the other hand, are more like slow-burning fuel that helps you to survive the whole day. If you include protein in your snack, you can derive an extra mental boost and increase in the production of neurotransmitters that regulate concentration and alertness.

Healthy snacking can help you battle fatigue without having any adverse effects on your body. It also contributes positively to productivity while working. 

4. Snacking Can Reduce the Risk of Some Diseases

If you’re working on improving your overall health, snacking can help. Healthy snacking is good for your heart as well as your head. Tuna, walnuts, and some other foods that contain omega-3s can help fight high blood pressure and heart disease. Research has also shown that people who eat small snacks throughout the day tend to have lower blood cholesterol levels than people who don’t snack. It evens out your blood sugar, and it may also help lower your cholesterol. 

5. Snacking with Convenience and Accessibility

According to the Mintel Report 2019, 73% of Irish consumers want to see healthier options rather than confectionery on display at shop checkouts, in hopes that it will lessen temptation. You can start making small yet impactful changes to your health right now by incorporating simple, healthy snacking habits. You can keep a stock of nutritious, organic, low-fat, low-calorie, gluten-free, or kosher options that provide the ultimate inconvenience and healthy snacking choices.

Studies by UNICEF have shown that when people pick up good habits at work or school, they tend to take them home and share them with their families. These healthy choices are then typically adopted by their family members, who go out and share them with their friends and colleagues in turn.

By providing a healthy snack delivery to encourage proper nutrition, you can take pride in nurturing the health of an ever-expanding network of friends and loved ones.

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