We're ready to take the Healthy Irish Snacks scene to the next level!

Get your Tastebuds ready!

The RealKind Snacks are for everyone and anyone who loves a good crunch, munch and well, just wants to snack a bit better from fitness enthusiasts, avid snackers or even those who are always on the go! Real Ingredients, Real Snacks by Real Irish brands, the RealKind way. Straight to your doorstep!

Check out our Range Page.. from Once Off Boxes to Monthly Subscriptions these powerhouse boxes contain a diverse range of some of the most innovative healthy snacks the Irish market has to offer.

From award winning Pomegranate Kombucha brewed in Sligo, Juicy Chili Beef Biltong cured in Kildare, crunchy Apple Cider Vinegar Nut Mix from Armagh right down to the Cashew Cookie Dough Protein Bars handcrafted in Kerry, and that's just to name a few, The RealKind Snacks box is bursting with flavour.

Some of the tastiest snacks from the four corners of Ireland, all in one box!

Whether you're buying them as a gift for a loved one, a monthly subscription for yourself (or week, depending how long they last in your house), to corporate gifts for employees working from home, The RealKind Snacks box is ideal in any situation.

Want to snack better this year while at the same time supporting 9 Irish food brands along with our two chosen charities? Then check out our range below and get some of the tastiest snacks in Ireland delivered to your doorstep!

The RealKind Snacks on Spin South West